About Us

We started the business in 2013, operating small and routine logistics from our flats in London. Since then, we have grown and managed over a hundred of customers and tons of goods every month.

We use our network to provide solutions for customers’ supply chain: purchasing, warehousing, consolidating, forwarding, custom clearance, which is accessible through our in-house real-time application. At the top of our value proposition is a caring customer service culture that connects customers with our team members, from Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, UK, Netherlands, and Japan.

We are committed to develop an efficient and optimized business supply chain solution, so customers can dedicate their time for what they do best - growing their business.

Our unique business model provides customers with:

  • Reliable : We provide safe and predictable shipment, using trusted networks that committed to deliver without any surprises.
  • Transparent : We gain more visibility to customer’s shipment, by giving real-time updates using an application that available on every device.
  • Caring : We assist customers in every step of the journey, providing responsive support that actually cares about solving problems.
  • Continuous Improvement : We commit to always learn and improve ourselves and find better ways to solve our problems