Shipping Service

We offer air freight (and sea transportation) to Indonesia with door to door service including tax and custom clearance

OriginDestinationBusiness Rate / kg*Days**
🇬🇧 UK🇮🇩 IndonesiaIDR 400,00020
🇳🇱 Netherlands🇮🇩 IndonesiaIDR 400,00020
🇺🇸 US🇮🇩 IndonesiaIDR 400,00025
🇦🇺 Australia🇮🇩 IndonesiaIDR 375,00020
🇯🇵 Japan🇮🇩 IndonesiaIDR 375,00020
🇰🇷 South Korea🇮🇩 IndonesiaIDR 375,00020
🇸🇬 Singapore🇮🇩 IndonesiaIDR 300,0005
🇮🇩 Indonesia🇬🇧 UKGBP 17.55
🇮🇩 Indonesia🇯🇵 JapanJPY 22305
🇮🇩 Indonesia🇺🇸 USUSD 215
🇮🇩 Indonesia🇰🇷 South KoreaKRW 24,005

* The rate is applied for our business customers. New customers will get the business rate after they reach 5kg shipment in their first month.

* Excluding local delivery fee from Kalir drop point to delivery address.

* If your package has a large size-to-weight ratio, then you need to use your package's dimensional weight to calculate the fee. Calculate the cubic size (in cm) by multiplying its height, length, and width and divide it by 5,000. Compare with actual weight and pick the larger one. Odd or big size items require special calculation.

* We strongly advise to use insurance 4% of the item's price for your valuable parcel, to help offset the cost if a package is lost, stolen, or damaged.

** 'Days' is an approximation and refers to working days.

** Please contact us if your shipping route is not available in our list.

** Shipment schedules: Weekly. Please register to know our shipping calendar.

Door to door procedure :

  1. Order the item and send it to Kalir drop point address
  2. Send us the receipt of your order via email [email protected] or online chat
  3. We will send the item to the destination country
  4. We will notify you, once the arrived at our drop point in destination country
  5. After complete the shipment payment, the item is ready to be collected or sent to your address (with additional local courier cost from Jakarta or London)

Buying Service

We can help you to order the item after we received 50% deposit of the item price, and 100% payment required after we forward the invoice. The buying fee is 5% of the item price.

Buying Service Procedure :

  1. Contact us via online chat
  2. Send us the link to the item you intend to order
  3. We will send you the invoice of transaction
  4. 100% payment required plus buying fee, max 1x24 hours, unless you use SHARED buying service
  5. We will notify you, once the item arrived at our origin drop point
  6. We will send the item as soon as possible to the destination drop point
  7. We will notify you, once the arrived at our destination drop point
  8. Once you complete the payment, the item is ready to be collected or sent to your address

Customized Route Service

For any other shipment outside our warehouse location, we offer a special shipment. The total cost of shipping will be based on the information you have provided. If the information provided is accurate, the final price will likely match the initial freight quote. Contact us via online chat for the inquiry.