Terms of Use

Acceptance of these Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) constitute understanding and an agreed compliance with all part of the Terms of Use. If any aspect of the Terms of Use is not understood, it is your (hereinafter “you” or “customer”) duty to contact KALIR (hereinafter “KALIR” or “we”) for clarification. Failure to abide by these Terms of Use may result in the permanent closure of your account.

Once your account is registered, you have agreed with terms and policy of KALIR. KALIR reserves the right to modify these terms at anytime. KALIR will inform every account holder of a change to the terms and will update the terms on the website.

1. Service Offered

1.1. Once your account is registered, KALIR will provide you with a physical address (hereinafter “KALIR Drop Point”) to which you will have all packages sent.
1.2. Kalir can help you to order the item (Buying Service) with a buying fee.
1.3. Upon receiving your package, we will enter it into your account and notify you of its arrival and details.
1.4. Once the packages are ready to be shipped, we will update the status to your account.
1.5. We will calculate the actual weight and/or volume upon arrival of the goods at the warehouse and reserves the right to determine the final charge.
1.6. You will then be prompted to pay for all packages using bank account after we notify the arrival of the packages in the destination drop point.

2. User Limitations

2.1. All information provided to KALIR must be truthful and may not be presented in a misleading way.
2.2. KALIR’s website is for the use of our customers only and may only be used in its intended way. Attempting to circumvent our security, reverse engineer our site, upload malicious code, or otherwise attempting to gain access to other customers’ information or KALIR’s company information is strictly prohibited.
2.3. You may not attempt to use KALIR's address as your billing address when you are shopping. Billing address must be filled in with your own address.
2.4. You may not attempt to gain access to KALIR’s financial accounts or other business accounts.
2.5. You may not attempt to gain access to, or prohibit use of, KALIR’s website or email accounts.
2.6. You may not impersonate a KALIR team member.
2.7. You may not use and share our personal data, including drop point address, bank account number, phone number to others.
2.8. You may not harass or threaten our other customers or our team member.
2.9. You must abide and obey all laws of Indonesia of each country's governing online conduct.
2.10. You must abide and obey all laws of each country's governing international exports and imports.
2.11. As a customer you will not represent yourself as anything other than a user of our services. Even if you are benefiting from our referral program, you shall not identify yourself as a partner, contractor, or KALIR team member.
2.12. We do not recommend allowing others to use your account. But if you do permit others to do so, you as the account holder will be held responsible for their actions.

3. Service Limitations

3.1. Kalir provide warehousing, consolidation and shipment service.
3.2. Kalir cannot be held responsible for the risk during the shipment such as but not limited to broken or damage items during shipment process.
3.3. Kalir cannot be held responsible for any delay due to custom process.
3.4. Kalir cannot be held responsible for confiscation process as a result of custom inspection.
3.5. Kalir will not knowingly perform any illegal actions or services for our company or our customers.
3.6. Kalir cannot manage tax refund.
3.7. Kalir is not responsible to any shipment outside Kalir shipment system (including hand carry of the items with passenger flight, another shipping courier, or hotel drop).
3.8. Kalir is not responsible to any agreement between customer and other party beside Kalir in any transaction.
3.9. Kalir cannot manage your letters that we receive. Furthermore, we will not keep or retain any junk mail; all junk mail will be thrown away immediately.
3.10. If you receive a package that has damaged or missing items due to mishandling by local shipping service, you are responsible for notifying KALIR within the allotted time as designated by each local shipping service. Failure to contact and supply KALIR with all of the needed information within that time period will result in a loss of claim to local shipping service. If you receive a package that appears to be damaged, please take picture and/or video before opening it to fully document the state of the shipping box and its contents.
3.11. We don't have associations with any other stores or online shops except KALIR SHOPPING GROUP.
3.12. Once a package has been shipped, it becomes customer’s responsibility to supply any missing, unclear, or needed information, not included in the shipping documentation or in the package, to the customs agents in the destination country. Many countries have slightly different informational requirements than the standard requirements; KALIR will include the most common required documents and information however this will not be sufficient for all countries.
3.13. The calculation from Kalir Calculator is only an estimated calculation, we will calculate the actual weight and/or volume upon arrival of the goods at the warehouse and reserves the right to determine the final charge.
3.14. The measurement of the items would be done as accurately as we can, we round up to the nearest 0.05 and minimum 1 kg for each customer per shipment. The measurement is absolute and can not be changed after we send the invoice.
3.15. Kalir can not accept a cancellation of buying service request.

4. Zero Tolerance for Fraud

We have zero tolerance for any kind of fraudulent use of our service.

This includes:

4.1. Using our service to ship fraudulently purchased items.
4.2. Using our business address for inappropriate activities.
4.3. Using stolen or fraudulently obtained payment methods to pay for KALIR services or shipping.
4.4. Eliciting or receiving money or payments for services or goods.
4.5. Attempting to gain access to KALIR financial accounts or attempting to exploit our website in any way.
4.6. If we suspect an account of fraudulent activity, we will place a hold on the account and then proceed to investigate. If we determine that no fraudulent activity occurred, we will explain our suspicions and allow you to resume normal account activity. We are not liable for any perceived or actual loss due to delays encountered while an account is on hold.
4.7. If fraudulent activity is confirmed we will immediately close the account. Any packages that remain in the account will be returned to the sender.
4.8. We reserve the right to open and inspect any package in your account without prior or post notification.

5. KALIR Drop Point Address

Upon creation of your account you will be given a unique address to ship your purchases to. This address will consist of one of KALIR’s drop point locations along with a code name (your account name).

6. Fees

6.1. KALIR’s shipment fees are posted on our website in the Services section.
6.2. KALIR’s extra fees are subjected to any special handling activities.
6.3. KALIR’s fees are subject to change and we will notice the change in fees via email to each account and updated on our website so as to promptly and clearly inform you of any changes so that you will be prepared.
6.4. If the package has a large size-to-weight ratio, then you need to use your package's dimensional weight to calculate the fee. Calculate the cubic size (in cm) by multiplying its height, length, and width and divide it by 5,000. Compare with actual weight and pick the larger one. Odd or big size items require special calculation. The minimum weight for adult's shoes and medium bag is 1 kg.

7. Storage

7.1. We can not keep your package in our drop point storage after our next closer shipping time.
7.2. We can not keep your package in our destination country storage after 2 weeks after we notify the items arrival.
7.3. If the package coming without a proper naming, we will not keep in our storage and consider to discard the packages and the contents. Any package discarded will not be retrievable.

8. End of Service

You may terminate your account at any time. KALIR may terminate your account if it has been used to perpetrate fraud or for breach of these Terms of Use.

9. Liability

9.1. KALIR is not liable for damage to your items caused by poor initial packaging from the vendor, mishandling by the shipping services, or extreme fragility of the item itself. KALIR is not liable for any damage done before a package arrives at our warehouse.
9.2. KALIR is not liable for items seized by Customs agents.
9.3. KALIR is not liable for perceived or actual losses due to packages letters that are returned to sender for whatever reason or fail to be delivered to our drop point. KALIR is not liable for mail items that are thrown away when it appears to be junk mail.
9.4 KALIR is not liable for omissions, falsified details, or mistakes made by the customer.
9.5 By law, KALIR will never have your credit card number on file. Access to that information is not provided to us nor are we liable if our credit card processor is compromised, however unlikely that may be.
9.6 KALIR is not liable for damages caused by someone else gaining access to your account.
9.7. KALIR is not liable for damages due to Force Majeure, including but not limited to war, embargo, natural catastrophes, riots, strikes, deep freeze, loss of power, an inability to gain access to our warehouse, or other unforeseen and unavoidable events.
9.8. In the event that we are legally required to cease shipments to your nation, or you as an individual, you will be responsible for coordinating the return of any packages that we are in possession of. KALIR is not liable for any damages surrounding this or any other event that legally prohibits us from functioning as intended and described on our website, in these Terms of Use, or by written or verbal communication from KALIR.
9.9. KALIR is not liable for any real or perceived loss due to a package being delayed or lost after it has been released to the selected shipping carrier.

10. Privacy Policy

10.1. We will never sell your private information.
10.2 We will not share your personally identifiable information with any 3rd party for marketing or sales of any kind, to include your name or any other names associated with the account, phone number, email address, KALIR Drop Point Address, your personal addresses (billing and shipping) and any other shipping addresses, or any other personal information gathered through our website or through correspondence.
10.3. Personal information will only be shared with 3rd parties if we are compelled to by law or if done so in the coordination of fraud prevention efforts.
10.4. We may share with a 3rd party non-identifying information such as number of customers from certain regions or quantity of purchases from particular retailers, but we will not share any of your personal information that may identify you in any of these situations.
10.5. Given your specific spending patterns we may present you with special offers from retailers from time to time. These offers may be in the form of a banner ad or they may be supplementary to an email sent for other reasons.
10.6. We will only discuss account details with the account holder. Other additional names on the account will not have access through our support staff to any account details. If we are contacted by an individual or company attempting to contact you for any reason, we will not take or relay any messages. We will only confirm that you have a forwarding address through our company and will confirm your suite number if needed, if any information is sought beyond that, they will be told to contact you directly.

11. Return Policy

11.1. The items are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN
11.2 WITH Buying Service only :

  • The items are eligible for return requests if not shipped yet to the destination country. A charge will be applied.
  • We will check the items arrived and do the return if they are not the same as the order.
  • If the items arrived are not in a good condition, we can help to return.
  • If the items have shipped to the destination country, we don't accept return request.
    11.3. WITHOUT Buying Service :
  • If the items arrived are not in a good condition, a charge will be applied for return.
    11.4. The refund amount depends on the real time currency rate.

12. Delivery Policy

12.1. Pickup service is available Monday - Friday 10.00- 16.00 by appointment. An email will be sent when your order is ready for pickup
12.2. Payment received by 12pm on working days will be delivered the same day.
12.3. For Indonesia - Japan route, we will work with you to arrange delivery by Chakubarai. An email will be sent to ask you the details.
12.4. If the items are going to extra checking process (Red Line) from custom office, longer waiting time is needed.

13. Refund Policy

13.1. If we help you to return the items, we will immediately notify you and initiate the refund to your original method of payment once we receive the refund from the seller.
13.2. We will refund your transaction with real time exchange rate.
13.3. If your items are not eligible for return, we can not refund your transaction.
13.4. If your items are on the way to the destination country, we can not refund your transaction.
13.5. If your items are in the custom process, we can not refund your transaction.
13.6. Shipping, buying service and additional service fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless the items are sold out.

14. Governing Law Policy

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, without regard to its conflict of laws rules. You agree that any legal action or dispute that may arise out of, relate to, or be in any way related to the site and/or this Agreement will be resolved exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Indonesia.